Deal Helps You Sell Smarter, Faster and Better.


Deal has several seamlessly integrated features that enables merchants and consumers to have a better commercial experience.

Deal has removed the shopping cart mechanism to speed things up and embedded an AI platform to make things smarter and to create some magic.

Deal also enables direct communication between merchants and customers through it's built in messaging system. Each transaction creates a new communication opportunity, resulting in an intimate and personalized sales experience.


  • Web Widget - Paste a single line of code and start selling on static sites or blogs. Take a look at the bottom left corner of this page for the demo. Deal web widget is backed by the Deal AI Platform which analyze the site content and the visitor behavior to display the best products on top.
    Use Cases : You can use Deal's web widget on your static site or blog or you can use Deal's web widget to open a shop on someone else's website.

  • Checkout Links - Links that takes customers directly to checkout page.
    Click For Checkout Link Demo

    Use Cases : Checkout links can be used anywhere you can embed a link. Website, email, social media. It's effectively used in email marketing campaigns.

  • QR Codes - Once qr codes are scanned by any phone camera or by deal app, customers are taken directly to checkout page. Scan the qr code located below to experience Deal qr payment demo.
    Use Cases : Infinite possibilities! place the qr codes on your website, anywhere online, on social media, on tv, in youtube videos, in magazines, on billboards, walls, in brick-mortar stores.

    QR Code Demo
  • Online Store - The products generated within deal are displayed on the store

  • Marketplace - Products listed on online stores are grouped and displayed on the marketplace

  • Mobile Apps - Deal provides iOS and Android apps that can be white labeled. Deal also takes care of the app store publishing procedures.

Simple and transparent pricing

  • Free -> Basic features are free up to $1000 in revenue
  • Basic -> 25/Month - $250/Year
  • Pro -> 95/Month - $950/Year
  • Unlimited -> $195 - $1950/Year
  • Enterprise -> Get in touch

Partner Program
Deal is offering a partner program where partners earn 30% commission over the revenue of the clients they bring in. Partners just need to get customers sign up using their referral link.
Get your unique referral link and join the program