Get paid
instantly with
Stripe and Deal

Wish your customers could pay you on the spot? We’ve teamed up with Stripe so you can accept mobile payments instantly.


We’ll help you get paid faster

With the Stripe and Deal integration, your customers can pay with their mobile phones using their preferred credit or debit cards, helping you get paid faster.
You’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world that use Stripe to process billions of dollars in transactions each year.

Stripe transactions go directly into your account

Deal does not mediate payments. Funds will be channeled directly to your Stripe account. You can see the transactions under Payments section in Deal or in your Stripe account.


Get started with Stripe

It’s quick and easy to start accepting payments through Stripe. If you don’t already have one, you can set up a Stripe account from within Deal. Create a Deal account, go to Settings, click Connect with Stripe and start creating an account. It only takes a few minutes to create one, and then the payments magic will begin.