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  • This is for you to try Deal freely and see how awesome, smart, simple yet powerful it is.
  • Free up to $1k in sales per year.
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  • For personal websites and anyone who wants a basic commerce tool to sell and to communicate with customers.
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  • For early-stage startups who want to improve their sales experience and customer relationships.
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  • Made for companies requiring a full-featured solution to sell and to communicate with customers.
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Free Plan Features

Free Plan

Our Free Plan includes all features of the Basic Plan. You can use Deal's all available features up untill your sales reach $1k.

Basic Plan Features

Web Widget

Web widget enable you to sell on static sites with a single line of code.

Checkout Links

Send customers directly to checkout. Speed up the checkout process. Accept payments with links. Increase revenue.

Online Store

Set up your simple online store in minutes. Designed for online businesses who hate complexity but want results.

QR Payment Codes

Each link generated comes with a QR code. Accept payments with QR codes. Feel free to use them anywhere. They function similar to Instant links.

Mobile Apps

We support iOS and Android. Feel free to download and use Deal's apps.


Each transaction is a new opportunity for you to send a message to your customers through Deal'a built in messaging system.

No Passwords or Login

No Password Or Login Necessary. Deal is the fastest and easiest way for your customers to shop. Usernames, passwords and forms are a thing of the past.

Web Apps

Deal's web apps can be used on every browser.

Fast Checkout

Checkout should be fast, simple, frictionless. Average Checkout has 12.8 form fields and takes 2:25 minutes. Deal can reduce it to a single click.

Stripe Integration

As a payment gateway, Deal has an out of the box integration with Stripe.

Stock Limit

Enable stock limit to follow up your inventory.


Each transaction is kept with a unique identifier so that you can create your detailed reports.


Built in NPS feature. Get feedback from every sale made.

Unlimited Products

Enter as many products as you like. No limits.

Unlimited History

Unlimited message and transaction history lets you access all your previous sales and conversations.

Pro Plan Features

Remove Deal Branding

Remove Deal branding. Replace Deal logo and colors with your own.


Add as many links as you want in your apps. Inform your customers or direct them to different sites.

Branded Mobile Apps

Release your own white labeled iOS and Android Apps.

App Store Publishing

We will take care of the app store publishing for you.

Unlimited Plan Features


Customers can upload cash to your apps before making any purchases.

Reward Programs

Launch a smart reward program with a single click. Set a rate (Ex:15%) for rewarding your customers who use your app and load funds. Ex: Load $100 to spend $115 in stores.


Launch a loyalty program with a few clicks. You can set up "Buy X Number of Items To Get One Free" type of campaigns in seconds to increase the loyalty of your customers.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze & influence spend behavior by custom & detailed reports. Share or export your reports with a few clicks. Set KPIs to keep your team on track.

Enterprise Plan Features (Get In Touch)

24/7 Support

Tailored support solutions for your organization.


Service level agreements designed to satisfy your needs.

Custom Integrations

Custom integrations can be developed.

Custom Features

Custom features can be developed and Deal can be enhanced.


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