Express Checkout Links

Fast Checkout with a Single Link.
Not a button or a page or a cart, just a single link you can paste anywhere.

Sell With Express Checkout Links

Send customers directly to checkout. Deal requires no password or login. Average online checkout has 12.8 form fields and takes 2:25 minutes. Deal can reduce it to a single click.

Sell with Email

Insert your checkout link in your email newsletter or in your email marketing campaign or in your direct emails. One click will send your customers to checkout page. No need for building complex e-commerce sites or subscribing to marketplaces with high fees & commissions.

Sell on Twitter

Sell Swiftly and easily on Twitter with Deal's Quick Payment Links. Just insert links in your post.

Sell on Instagram

Insert "Checkout Link" in "Shop Now" OR add it as a link your bio.

Express Checkout

One click. No passwords. No long entry forms. No subscriptions. No logins. Fastest checkout experience for customers.

We only ask for the mobile number verification for the first time users.

Easy Payment Collection

Collect Online Payments Instantly. Share quick payment links via an email, SMS, messenger, chatbot etc. and get paid instantly without building your own website or mobile app.

We only ask for the mobile number verification for the first time users.

Checkout Link for Social Media

Convert Viewers Into Customers.
Sell Swiftly on Social Media.

How To Sell on Instagram

Promote your post

Promote your post like any other

Enter your checkout links

Select "Your website" option and enter your quick payment link.


Once viewers click your post, they will be taken to your checkout page.

Link in Bio

As an alternative, you can also paste the link in bio

Checkout Link Features

Sell on Social Media

Sell directly on social media using quick payment links


Use Checkout Links to send your customers directly to checkout without sending them to a e-commerce site.

Fastest Checkout

Checkout Links empowers merchants with the fastest checkout flow available online.

No Password

Your customers don't need to remember passwords, download apps or fill out forms.


Your Checkout Links will seamlessly work with your Android and iOS apps.


You can create unlimited number of Checkout Links for an unlimited number of products.

No Credit Card

No credit card required to use create a Deal account and to start using quick links


Once your client completes a purchase, you can use the built in messaging system to directly chat with them


Use the payment history to analyze sales in detail

Deal Business Apps

Deal empowers merchants to connect with customers and to grow by improving customer experience with payment solutions and branded mobile apps.

Apple App StoreApple App Store

Free to download. No hidden fees.

See what the future looks like.

Full access. No credit card required.