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Deal for restaurants offers alternative and supplementary payment solutions for restaurants to help you run your business and give customers an experience they'll remember and come back for.


Smart Use Cases

Features For Restaurants

QR Payment Codes

Accept payments with QR payment codes.

Mobile Apps

Get your restaurants branded / white labeled iOS and Android Apps.


Communicate with your customers

No Passwords

No Passwords. Deal is the fastest and easiest way for your customers to pay. Usernames, passwords and forms are a thing of the past.


Customers can upload cash to your apps before making any purchases.

Reward Programs

Launch a smart reward program with a single click. Set a rate (Ex:15%) for rewarding your customers who use your app and load funds. Ex: Load $100 to spend $115 in stores.


Launch a loyalty program with a few clicks. You can set up "Buy X Number of Items To Get One Free" type of campaigns in seconds to increase the loyalty of your customers.

Advanced Analytics

Analyze & influence spend behavior by custom & detailed reports. Share or export your reports with a few clicks. Set KPIs to keep your team on track.

Ways Restaurants Use Deal

Place a QR Payment Code On Each Table

Place a QR payment code on each table so that your customers can pay by their mobile phones

Customers can pay at the table without any pos device

Just print and place your qr code on the table. Speed up the process and enhance the experience.

No more waiting

Check please!!! No need to wait for the waiters to take payment.

No pos related costs

No more expensive pos devices.
Looks great
Easy to use
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Place a QR Payment Code Next To Your Cash Register

Most of the coffee shops use qr code checkout apps or devices to increase, checkout speed, revenue and customer loyalty. Why don't you?

Checkout speed

increase checkout speed, end waiting in line. Did you know that 51.3% of deserters in brick mortar stores did so because of long lines.

Increase revenue

Making it easy to pay, almost always increases revenue

Customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by providing them rewards, a better way to pay and your branded mobile apps
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Easy to use
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Try Scanfor.Menu For Free

We have built a free QR code restaurant menu generator. Just to make you better understand the power of QR codes.

Save Trees

Don't print one time use paper menus for your customers. Give them a QR code menu that they can access by their mobile phones.

Battle Covid-19

You can toggle this list and any other part of the feature section to adjust it to your needs.

Decrease Costs

Save yourself the costs related to menu printing, updating, distributing etc. is FREE and always will be.
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